A Dream Without A Plan is a HALLUCINATION!

One thing that always say is dream and dream BIG! And while I mean that, I also know for a fact that you must have a plan to accompany that dream otherwise you are simply playing around.

Watch my thoughts below on how I achieve all of my BIG dreams!

Living Purposefully,


Defining Your Purpose in Healthcare

"The Purpose of Life is to Live a Life of Purpose"

Purpose is a simple, yet powerful word and I say that because it has so many different definitions, perspectives, and opinions depending on who you ask. The Dictionary says, "purpose is the reason for which something is done and created". My mentor, in my head, Bishop T.D. Jakes, defines purpose as, “An underlying chemistry that makes you live your life.”  According the to best selling book of all time, the Holy Bible, "our purpose is the reason we are here, and every believer has a purpose that is rooted in God’s plan for the earth and his sovereign will". As a woman of faith, I believe that God created us to match perfectly with a purpose designed for our individual lives and this goes for healthcare professionals as well.  

Watch My Thoughts Below: