Unapologetically Walking In Purpose

"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you"--Steve Marabol

One of the reason that most people don’t authentically walk in their purpose is because they are worried about what everyone else has to say. And for us as healthcare professionals it is even harder to walk in purpose because people have already defined who we are and our purpose based off of our professional healthcare title.

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No Purpose In Sight

"The Purpose of Life is to Live a life of Purpose"

Two of the worst things that can happen to a healthcare professional is not determining their purpose or losing sight of their purpose . Either of these two situations will eventually lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration, doubt, burnout, and alienation. Oftentimes, these feelings lead to healthcare professionals totally walking away from the profession because they have not put in the work to determine where they fit in healthcare. Let's get REAL and talk about it!! 

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Why Women in Healthcare Are An Endangered Species

Women represent nearly 80% of the healthcare workforce, and they represent 77% of hospital employees. Also, 26% of hospital and health system CEOs were women in 2014. Statistics show the number of women in healthcare is rising, but there are still challenges. One of the most widely talked about challenge is gender inequality, including the lack of women in leadership positions.  While gender inequality is important, this issue is not why women in healthcare are an endangered species.


Women in the healthcare industry are just as likely (if not more) to suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and other mental and emotional issues. Like most healthcare workers, women who are physicians, registered nurses, home health aides and more enter the field with a passion to help others. But if you fall into these categories, how many times have you neglected your own needs? Shouldn’t you treat yourself with the same care as a patient?


While the term endangered is normally used in reference to animals, you’re surrounded by just as many threats as a leopard in the wild. For decades, women in healthcare have suffered from stress, fatigue, strain due to schedule, insufficiency in internal training, and injuries from physical tasks. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, female physicians die by suicide at a 400 percent higher rate than women in other professions. One article posed the question “who takes care of the caregivers?”


The answer is YOU!


There are some issues in healthcare that is a work in process, but you have the power to positively influence your well-being today. Your patients need you. Your family needs you. And, you need you. So, treat yourself with proper rest, prayer, stress management techniques, supportive relationships, and be the first thing on your to-do list by adhering to your discovery checklist.