No Purpose In Sight

"The Purpose of Life is to Live a life of Purpose"

Two of the worst things that can happen to a healthcare professional is not determining their purpose or losing sight of their purpose . Either of these two situations will eventually lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration, doubt, burnout, and alienation. Oftentimes, these feelings lead to healthcare professionals totally walking away from the profession because they have not put in the work to determine where they fit in healthcare. Let's get REAL and talk about it!! 

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GPS Navigation to Success

A law is defined as a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behaviors. As citizens of our respective countries we all try our best to abide by the laws that have been set forth by our government so we can avoid any havoc in our lives and remain in a state of freedom. But what about laws for success and or to navigate this thing called life…do we have a system of rules in these capacities? According to Deepak Chopra there is a system of rules that have been set-forth to govern our path to success and life. In the book titled “ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” we are presented with a set of laws that serve as a practical guide to the fulfillment of our dreams.

My first thought when reading the title of the book was “ok so now I have another set of laws that I must adhere to if I want to be successful and have a fulfilling life, here we go with more rules and regulations”. However, after reading the statement “ Success is a journey, not a destination” and that “the law of success and life is the process by which the unmanifest becomes the manifest; it’s the process by which the observer becomes the observed; it’s the process by which the seer becomes the scenery; it’s the process through which the dreamer manifest the dream” in the introduction alone, I knew there was something different about these laws. I had a sense that these laws were getting ready to go into a deep spiritual space in which I honestly knew needed to be rattled up within me, so I dived in head first.


After being intrigued by the introduction, there laid the seven spiritual laws to success which were The Law of Pure Potentiality; The Law of Giving; The Law of “Karma” or Cause & Effect; The Law of Least Effort; The Law of Intention and Desire; The Law of Detachment; & The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life. Each of these laws made me have a “ That’s Right ”moment as they went deeper and deeper into my spiritual space.

The law of Pure Potentiality let me know that I need to be still! Often times with the daily hustle and bustle of life and all the different moving pieces of our lives we don’t have to time to just sit in stillness. God has an assignment for each one of us and wants to give us special spiritual instructions to carry out our divine assignments, to go in the direction he wants us to go, or operate in the capacity in which he wants us to operate in but we are not in a state of stillness to hear from him.

 The law of giving impressed upon me that I am not given money, joy, peace, etc. to hoard it, but rather I am given these things to share with others and every time I encounter someone I must GIVE! I must give a prayer, a compliment, a word of encouragement, or a flower. My giving can be material or nonmaterial but the bottom line is I must give something.

The law of  “Karma” or cause and effect made me realize that before I perform any action, I need to ask myself two important questions, which are “what are the consequences of this choice that I am getting ready to make?  and will this choice bring fulfillment and happiness to me and those involved?” and if the answer to these questions are not favorable then I need to stop in my tracks and consciously rethink my actions.

The law of least effort made me aware that I am not obligated to defend my point of view to anyone, but rather take that energy and put it toward something more purposeful.

The law of intention and desire provided me with a sense of ease as it let me know that my attention needs to be in the present, then my intent for the future will manifest because my future state is being created in my present state, as I must accept the present as it is.

The law of detachment forced me to come out of my comfort zone and to go into the area of uncertainty which is where all possibilities are located. When we detach from the norm then we are no longer attached to the things in which we are truly fearful of because in attachment lies our fears and insecurities.

The law of dharma or purpose in life encouraged me find my divinity. I was created for a purpose that me on only me can fulfill. It doesn’t matter how many other people do what I do, only I can do it my way with the talents and gifts that I express only the way that I can express them. Once I had the courage to truly get to know thy self then I was able to serve humanity by living on purpose.

To sum up what these laws have done for me is simple, they are ensuring that I am a law-abiding citizen who lives on purpose!

Living Purposely,


Nicole Thomas


When You Have No Choice But To Follow The Law

A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on the book “ The seven spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. While all of these laws have had a profound effect on me, there are three that hit me in my gut and made me wake up. Those 3 laws are as follows:

The Law of Pure Potentiality

Since I was 14 years old it has been embedded in me to “get-up & move” and even though I wasn’t of legal working age, I still had to earn my keep (that’s just the way it was, thanks momma!). So literally since I was 14 I have been moving, working, and making it happen.

Fast forward 2 marriages (yes 2 don’t judge me, LOL), 2 kids, 2 degrees, & about 10 jobs later, I hit a wall!! I found myself broke, busted, and disgusted because I was unfulfilled, unhappy, miserable. The bottom line was I was always moving, shaking and making it happen according to MY will and not God’s will. The law of pure potentiality let me know “Nicole sit down somewhere”, LOL! But seriously it let me know that if I truly wanted to live a life of fulfillment, purpose, and true happiness that I needed to quiet everything around me and be STILL so I could hear what God wanted me to do according to his will because that’s all that really matters.

Hit the fast forward button again (actually hit is a few times because it was not a overnight process, fleshy habits are hard to kill) and after being still to hear the voice of the holy spirit within me I can truly say I am no longer broke, busted, & disgusted but living purposely. Can you say the same if not try being STILL, I dare you!

The Law of Giving

Give and thou shall receive is how the old saying goes right? I am just going to be really open and honest with you, I was raised in the church just like many of you and every month, every member of the church would get their box of envelopes to put their tithes in (I would be so happy to put my little dollar in there that my mom gave me for collection, LOL), but that didn’t last long once the money became my own money! As I got older and started working, I was like “ I am not giving them all my money, they already driving a Benz and will not be buying another one off my McDonalds money (LOL that was my first job). My mom would ask, “Nicole, did you give your 10% of your paycheck”? I would lie and say YES knowing good and well I only put 5 bucks in there.  

I kept this up as I got better jobs as well as half of my career as a Registered Nurse. Honestly, I would give what I wanted to give and sometimes didn’t give anything at all (I am just being real, I am sure I was the only one doing this…Yea right, LOL). I was literally working 2 full-times jobs at one point (doing the most and wanting to make all the money, LOL) and would still pay what tithes I wanted to pay, giving to people what I wanted to give, and sometimes didn’t help or give to people who were in need at all because this was “my money that I worked hard for”!! But God…But God! (he has a way of breaking you down very kindly) I found myself in a space where my money was running out as fast as it came in. I had money at 25 years old that people at 50+ had never seen, but yet unhappy, no peace, and no joy.

So on my quest to truly live on purpose, getting peace,  & getting joy, I would have intimate conversations with God and asking him to work on me. During that time it was a clear as the sky that part of my problem was my giving and if I wanted to truly live a life of purpose, fulfillment, abundance, peace, and joy that I must GIVE  (it didn’t have to be material). I began applying the law of giving to my life, I would give my 10% plus in tithes (trying to make up for lost time, LOL), I would give to people in need, I would give words of encouragement, prayers, smiles, hugs, just because gifts etc. and when I tell you God opened the windows of heaven and poured me a blessing that I didn’t have room enough to receive, it was unreal (don’t get it twisted though you have to give from your heart)! And it wasn’t just material things he was blessing me with; he blessed me with job opportunities that most people dream about, amazing people in my life, joy, peace, etc. and he did it in abundance. So what I am telling you is that if you want to live a life of purpose you have to GIVE (it isn’t yours anyway, just keeping it real). Give a hug, a smile, a prayer, a word of encouragement, pay your tithes, etc. and watch God flow like a river in your life!!

The Law of Detachment

So you are tired of living in your current situation and want something different! You want a better, more fulfilling life, but you still doing the same thing you have been doing, its not going to happen!! This is what a very blunt, real, and loving older friend of mine told me one day when I went to her whining and complaining about my life (Yep she keeps it 100 and said some other things that I rather not share, if you don’t have one of these people in your life get you one), but she didn’t do it to be mean, vicious, or ugly she did it to let me know if you want something you have never had you have to do something that you have never done!

For me that was deep because you see I was comfortable. I was comfortable in knowing that I would be paid a set amount every other week, comfortable in hanging with the same group of people, comfortable in watching T.V. rather than reading books, comfortable in spending money on expensive handbags & shoes vs. investing in a conference or class, you get my drift. I was just comfortable because I knew how to do all these things like it was nothing, there was no challenge in this; it was safe, I wasn’t scared, it didn’t make me uncomfortable.

However, what it did was make me feel like “ this is all it is to my life, really” thus stirring up feelings of unhappiness, unfulfillment, & worthlessness. So it came to a point where I had to recall what my dear friend told me and do something different, but that meant coming out of my comfort zone (can you say scared like a shaking leaf). As I began to really examine that blunt but real advice she gave me I began to apply the law of detachment to my life, which let me know “Nicole get over yourself and bust a new move”. I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. So I began to take baby steps (I am not going to even front like I went in head first because I didn’t), from those baby steps I took strides, then I started running, and next I will be galloping like a kangaroo (don’t trip God is still working on me, LOL). But the point is when I was ready for more I had to do more. I had to go into the unknown because that is where all possibilities lie!! When I took one step on faith God took 20 more, he opened doors for me that made me say “ well how did that happen” and I would quickly remind myself whose I am.

Listen God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear but the spirit of love & sound mind (his words not mine, Isaiah 41:10 or 2 Timothy 1:7), the spirit of fear is the enemy because as long as he can give you fear he got you right where he wants you.

So I encourage you today to DETACH!! Detach from those things that make you comfortable and all warm and fuzzy and go into the unknown with the only one who can do exceedingly abundantly above all things you can ever ask. Trust me your eyes haven’t seen, nor has your ears heard, nor has as truly entered into the heart of man what God is getting ready to do in your life!! Start detaching!!