Nicole Thomas, Award-Winning Nurse Leader, Educator, Mentor, and the Nations Leading Purposeful Living Strategist for healthcare professionals,  is on a mission to educate and equip female healthcare professionals who want to be purposeful in their respective healthcare role through education & action-oriented empowerment. As a educator at heart, Nicole utilizes her radiant personality, electrifying voice, and motivating attitude to connect with her audience.


Speaking Topics Include:

      The Power of Being In Formation With Your Purpose

  • The importance of Operating in Your Gift Zone
  • The Process of Going from Potential to Purpose
  • How to Authentically & Unapologetically walk in Your Purpose as A Healthcare Professional

                           The Leader In You

  • How to Be a Leader in Your Own Right
  •  How to Be Lead to Effectively Lead
  •  Putting Your Leadership Skills on Display

In Health On Purpose

  •  Uncovering how to truly define purpose
  • Losing sight of that purpose as a Healthcare Professional & Awakening that Purpose
  • Leaving your mark as a healthcare professional.

Decreasing Healthcare Disparities Within Vulnerable Communities

  • Methods to increase the cultural sensitivity of physicians and nurses
  • The Importance of recognizing unfavorable socioeconomic and cultural barriers as a preexisting condition
  • Strategies to improve the community surrounding black patients, and increase the number of minority healthcare workers

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