Feature Friday - Dr. Romeatrius Moss

Unfortunately, in life some people merely exist and never live. They never get a chance to live out their purpose, the purpose that only they can fulfill and carry out, which make makes for a life that has no substance to it. On the other hand, there are some individuals who live their life on purpose; they want to fulfill that God given purpose that they were placed here on earth for. The same concept is true in the healthcare profession… in that some healthcare professionals merely exist as healthcare professionals and never fulfill the purpose that they alone were called to healthcare, while others push through all the noise of the healthcare profession and live purposefully as a healthcare professional.

These week's Nicole Thomas INC Feature Friday” is dominating the meaning of living purposefully as a healthcare professional and she is none other than Dr. Romeatrius Moss. Born with a passion to serve others, Dr. Romeatrius Nicole Moss is an award winning, philanthropist, community advocate, and International speaker. While maintaining a successful career as an active duty Air Force Nurse, currently holding the rank of Major, she is also a successful entrepreneur, owning several businesses, including RNM Marketing and Public Relations, RNM Consulting, Moss Healthcare and Staffing, Wellspring Clinic, Moss Vacation Properties and Rentals, and is founder of the international platform Black Nurses Rock.

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